The Diddy Bites Story / The Birth of Diddy Bites

When i began the baby led weaning journey with my 6 month old, Archie, I was often caught short when heading out for the day because i hadn’t pre-made anything that i could take as a snack. Gone were the days of being able to rely on readily available breast milk or a bottle of formula! There were only so many times i could quickly slice some cucumber and throw it in the tupperware… When batch-cooking some food one day, it dawned on me that i would happily pay to buy these foods pre-made, as long as they were still fresh and nutritious – i’m very aware that the novelty of cooking for your little one can soon wear off as life gets busier, especially when people are back at work juggling careers with the crazy world of parenting. I’m all for anything to make the life of a sleep-deprived new mum easier! After a lot of procrastinating, learning and hitting stumbling blocks, along came Diddy Bites – convenient food without the guilt!

Why Diddy Bites?

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of fresh, nutritious food for adults, yet why is it that we are seemingly ‘happy’ to buy foods off the shelf for our little ones that sometimes have shelf lives in ‘years’ rather than days or weeks. How much goodness can there really be in these foods?